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LeDor VaDor

LeDor VaDor Group

LeDor VaDor Mission Statement:

Welcome to  LeDor VaDor,  LA's  hottest  young Jewish group. Known for its  effort in  reconnecting the  young  leaders of the Iranian  Jewish   community  through  activism,  Zionism  and philanthropy,  LeDor VaDor  is here to  embrace that  inherent connection we all have to our heritage and further its  development from generation to generation.
What makes us different from all the rest? LeDor VaDor offers more than that annual party. We are known for keeping the Jewish community in touch and informed. Whether it is by having lectures with world renown leaders and rabbis, hosting a luncheon with holocaust survivors sharing their own stories, or throwing an IDF party to celebrate and support the soldiers of our country, LeDor VaDor offers a rewarding sense of Jewish pride.



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Meet Our Members:

Daniel Babajoni  President
Aaron Kohan  Vice President
Melody Khoubian Treasure
Esther Beron  Zionist Leader
Nicole Aminzadeh  Events Director
Hadar Shimshi  Security Director
Jonathan Rafael Recruitment Director
Melody Shamouelian Social Media Director


Mon, 5 December 2016 5 Kislev 5777