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Shabbat Services



Shacharit               9:15 am

Mincha/Maariv    7:30 pm

Read or Watch about Weekly Parasha:






Bereishit Vayikra Devarim Shmot Bamidbar
Noach Tzav V'etchanan Va'eira Naso
Lech Lecha Shmini Ekev Bo
Vayeira Tazria Re'eh Beshalach
Chayei Sarah Metzora Shoftim Yitro Be'halot'cha
Toldot Acharei Mot Ki Tetzei Mishpatim Shlach
Vayetzei Kedoshim Ki Tavo Trumah Korach
Vayishlach Emor Nitzavim Tetzaveh Chukat
Vayeshev Behar Vayelech Ki Tisa Balak
Mikeitz Bechukotai Ha'azinu Vayakhel Pinchas
V'Zot HaBracha Pekudei Matot

 Synagogue Guidelines

For Safety and Security all children not attending services with their parents must be in our supervised Children's Shabbat Program. Temple security will not allow children to congregate in the hallway. Children will be asked to join the Shabbat Program or join their parents for services.
The Synagogue is a holy place and Shabbat is a holy time. In respect of their sanctity, in honor of our Jewish traditions and for the benefit of our congregation, please:
 1.Dress modestly.
 2.Refrain from unnecessary talking during prayer services.
 3.Turn off cell phones, beepers and other electronic equipment.
 4.Solicitation of funds for any other organizations or individuals, unless previously approved by the elected representatives of the Board of Directors, is prohibited.
 5.PLEASE do not bring noghl (Persian candy) into the sanctuary. Only Kosher candy brought to the office by Friday morning is allowed. No food or drinks are allowed in Shofet Hall.
 6.Only 3 Shiras for each Simcha.
 7.Do not exit or enter the sanctuary during sermons and announcements.
 8.Bring & leave children -- through pre-Bar/Bat Mitzvah age -- to our Downstairs Lounge Children’s Program. Baby-sitters are also provided for your convenience in the downstairs lounge.
 9.Call the Synagogue office (310.273.2400) during the week to request an Alia (Berakha Torah) in the main sanctuary.
 10.Contact the office during the week, should you wish to sponsor a Kiddush.
Your cooperation is appreciated in creating a spiritual and meaningful Shabbat. Please contact the office at (310) 273-2400 with your suggestions and comments. We will be most responsive.

Fri, August 7 2020 17 Av 5780