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Nessah Group

Nessah Lecture Committee
Nessah Lecture Committee serves to enrich the Greater Los Angeles Jewish community by bringing prominent guest lecturers, educators and Rabbis who share and perpetuate our mission of creating, enhancing, and sustaining a learning environment that brings our community closer to Judaism and Zionism.  Through our visiting speakers, we strive to provide unique and mentally stimulating experiences that will nourish and inspire the heart, mind, and soul of each member of our community.

I.D.E.A (Individuals Devoted to Education and Awareness)
We are a group of Iranian Jewish Young Professionals devoted to raising awareness and promoting growth while addressing various contemporary political, social, and religious issues. We are going to achieve this objective by organizing a variety of stimulating and thought provoking programs dealing with political, social, and religious subjects. At the same time, through fun and lively programs, our goal is to create a comfortable and pleasant environment where everyone has the opportunity to meet interesting people and build real and lasting friendships.

Reach-U-All Group is vested in promoting, inspiring and teaching the inner beauties of Jewish values, heritage and culture. We are dedicated to bring forth unity and growth to our community regardless of the observance standards. Our commitment is to strive beyond what is expected and our mission is to bring light, awakening and momentum to the great potential of Iranian American Jewish community, specifically our youth.

LeDor VaDor (ages 21 - 35)
Known for its efforts in connecting the young leaders of the Sephardic Jewish community through Activism, Zionism, Social, and Philanthropy, Ledor Vador is here to embrace that inherent connection we all have to our heritage and further its development from generation to generation.

Nessah Sisterhood
Nessah Sisterhood is here to empower, embrace, engage, and educate Jewish women of all ages, marital status, and observance level. Our goal is to create an environment where all Jewish women will have the opportunity to share their strengths and interests, form lasting friendships, and help unite and support the greater community.

Together, through our programs and social action projects, we strive to inspire personal growth, Jewish involvement and most importantly cultivate a strong sense of community.

NIT–Nessah ( Nessah Israel Teens)
NIT-Nessah was formed to provide Jewish teens with an opportunity to build a strong connection to their Jewish roots and Israel through various educational and social programs. Our activities are geared towards encouraging our youth to shape their communities by creating meaningful and long lasting friendships, while developing a better sense of self through Jewish values. NIT-Nessah is based on principles of equity, community, and social responsibility. 

Scholar's Program

Men's Club

For further information, please contact us at 310.273.2400 


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