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Philosophy and Mission

Preschool Educational Philosophy

"Children  are our Future"
Our school's  philosophy  is based on the idea that as a child interacts  directly with peers, adults, objects, and materials in the environment,  he/she gradually  develops  understanding  and skills that enable  him/her to become an independent  learner who strives to make sense of the world. For the child, action is both a way of the life and a mode of learning. The teacher  serves as a facilitator  of active learning,  the link between the child and the environment.  We use active learning to promote cognitive,  social, emotional,  and creative development.  Our children are also  provided with a rich Judaic environment,  in which they can experience  and learn about Jewish rituals, customs,  and holiday celebrations.
In order to foster the child's  progression  through various stages of growth, the teacher  initiates new activities  and behaviors,  introduces  new materials  and concepts,  and instigates problem-solving.  The teacher  establishes  the environment  and makes choices available to the child, while providing  guidance,  support and comfort.  Curriculum  materials  are designed to facilitate  children's  construction  of knowledge  by encouraging  them to explore,  experiment, problem-solve  and share ideas with one another. The highly knowledgeable  staff utilizes story telling, art, music, drama, math, pre- reading, writing,  science,  and social study to achieve curricular  goals in everyday  class. In Judaic curriculum  children  learn about their Jewish identity through prayers, blessings,  Shabbat  and holiday celebration,  and Hebrew language.
Our goal is to focus on the development  of the 'Total Child" and the educational  program strives to support, stimulate,  and guide the growth of the child in each of the following  developmental areas: physical,  creative and cognitive.  We recognize  that each child is a unique individual, worthy  of respect.  Our job is to provide opportunities  for meaningful  play that are based on the child's individual  needs, interest, and abilities and that will build important foundation.  Each child is encouraged  to grow to his/ her full potential through  nurturing  and challenging  experiences. The primary goal of this program shall be to provide a full day Early Childhood  Program that benefits the children, the parent and the community.

Sat, April 4 2020 10 Nisan 5780